What is Measure R?

The Siskiyou County Fire Chiefs Association is sponsoring a ballot measure called Measure R. This measure is modeled after CSA-3, which was a successful measure, passed in the south county that funded emergency service responders. This new measure would create a new County Service Area and as a result would be called CSA-6. The general public that live within the service area will vote on the ballot measure in June 2016.

Measure R will designate an area generally in the northern part of the county for improved medical service from ambulance companies, fire departments, and other first responders. Measure R will be used to equalize the emergency response service for the entire county.

This ballot will allow funds to be created solely for the purpose of raising the level of emergency response service by placing a $5 tax increase - per parcel - once a year. The proposed annual $5 tax will not increase over time and no riser is included. Agriculture properties would not receive the proposed increase. Through this ballot, a reserve will be established for unexpected emergencies like the loss of the North County Ambulance in 2011, or a major disaster that would require additional medical supplies and equipment to be brought in from other counties and states.

What areas are incorporated into Measure R / CSA - 6?

How will that money be controlled?

If approved, an Advisory Board will be established to determine how the money will be allocated and spent. The mission is to bring the current standard of medical attention found in larger cities and implement this same quality into the rural regions of Siskiyou County that are not part of the CSA-3 region.

Because this money would be taxed under a ballot, legally it cannot be allocated, or spent on anything outside of medical expenses. Doing so restricts these funds to only be used on items that are directly affiliated with medical expenses that first responders and volunteer departments would otherwise have to pay for.

Numerous fire departments within the county operate under volunteer-staffed ambulances. Dorris City, Etna City, McCloud District, and Salmon River Fire Company would be eligible for life saving medical equipment that they otherwise would not be able to fund out of pocket.

What exactly will that money be spent on?

- Stipends for volunteers
- Radio equipment upgrades
- PCR reporting system
- Current equipment repairs
- Back boards and straps
- Training for volunteers
- Ambulance cost offset
- Rescue stretchers
- Regularly expended medical supplies
- Trauma packs
- Defibrillators and pads
- Auto Pulse units

How does that affect the service quality?

Operating under the CSA-6 would allow personnel to respond in ambulances that meet insurance company’s standards, providing faster response times through personnel that will take pride in their work and ensure that the public receives the immediate care that is needed at any time of the day.

For over 40 years CSA-3 has proved to be helpful to first responders in the south county for volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance companies, and paid ambulance companies.

CSA-3 was put into affect to provide Emergency Response Volunteers the high quality equipment and tools needed to address the problem of out of date technology. If Measure R were passed, Emergency Response Volunteers would receive the equipment needed to build a stronger, more efficient Emergency Response Service.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

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We hope you vote in favor of Measure R this June!
Remember: R is for Rescue!