Founding Principles

The Siskiyou County Fire Chief's Association was founded:

  • To promote, encourage and facilitate cooperation between all fire companies within Siskiyou County, California and all other member companies of this association.
  • To continually review emergency response and fire fighting technologies, equipment, devices, techniques, strategies,tactics, command and control and communication systems used throughout the country and make such information freely available to all members of SCFCA, so they may better serve their respective communities.
  • To develop, foster, encourage and provide structured and safe emergency services, fire fighting, and emergency medical training classes and field evolutions for the proper instruction of firefighters and other emergency service personnel in all areas of emergency skills, techniques and methods consistent with accepted standards for the same.
  • To offer and provide all member companies guidance on all existing and new Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to the emergency service.
  • To assist member companies with emergency service education materials, information, safety tips and classes.
  • To show proper respect for our fellow fallen/deceased firefighters.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Siskiyou County Fire Chiefs Association is:

  • To promote fire safety and prevention awareness
  • To promote interagency cooperation through friendship and communication
  • To promote efficiency in a coordinated Emergency Medical System throughout the County
  • To work on and resolve problems facing Siskiyou County Fire and EMS agencies
  • To cooperate on issues of mutual importance, i.e. automatic and mutual aid, communications, purchasing, disaster planning, and other issues
  • And, to speak as a unified voice on emergency response issues to the citizens and governing bodies of the County.